Officially recognized experts for
Transport Systems, in particular
Railway Installations and Operations,
Signalling and Train Control
An overview about our range of performance

We are officially recognized experts for transport systems, in particular railway installations and operations, signalling and train control

– Blueprint inspection and acceptance tests Safety case documents
– Risk and hazard analysis
– Placement considerations (SIL, requirement classes)
– RAMS-specifications and verification

We verify, validate, test and assess:

– Plan Portfolios (draft sketches, construction plans)
– Software
– Hardware (electronic and relay technology)
– Complete Systems (monitoring of construction, acceptance tests)


Regarding the entire licensing process of safety installations.


Manufacturers in the subject area of Life-Cycle–Process and EN 50126/50128/50129, as well as the use of our tools.

Our software tools

PRODA XP configuration test of electronic signal boxes
PROCEN process support CENELEC

For technology such as...

– Automatic train control systems LZB 500/510, LZB 700/730, ZUB 2×2, ZUB               122/123, LZB 704/705, ICE 3/ICT-VT, PZB 90
– ESTW Siemens, ESTW Thales, ESTW Bombardier, ESTW       Funkwerk IT, SpDrSxxx Siemens
– Track vacancy detection systems / axle counting systems
– Protection of level crossing
– Point controlling, decentralized control systems
– Remote control (C900/OC15), human-machine interface
– Secure data transfer
– Operations system software

According to regulations

– Mü 8004
– EN 50126/50128/50129 and EN 50159
– IEC 61508
– DIN V VDE 19250/251
– DIN V VDE 0801, DIN VDE 0831
– VDV 331, VDV 332
– As well as other applied norms and regulations within the railway industry.

Our quality management system is certified according to

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.